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Register to vote in 4 steps

September 14, 2010 by Kerry Sautner


I'm ready.

I've been cramming for this Midterm for the last few days. I've researched all the players, I've checked all their records, I've picked my team. I'm ready to vote.

These are the elections that can set the stage for a huge power struggle between the executive and legislative branch or set it up for one party rule.

The thrill of mid terms is one reason to vote. Another reason to vote is to give the candidate you believe most meets your view a fighting chance. But before you vote, you must register. Make sure your voice is heard by following these steps:

Step One

Time is almost up in many states to register to vote in our midterm elections. Each state has different requirements, so first, head over to Rock The Vote. To find out if you missed your dead line, read the registration requirements at Declare Yourself.

Step Two

Fill in your information, including name, address and telephone number.

Step Three

When you complete the form, Rock The Vote will provide you with an automatically addressed PDF to print out. All you have to do is sign the form, then drop it into a mailbox.

Step Four



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