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On This Day, Truman, Congress decide current line of presidential succession

July 18, 2018 By NCC Staff

On this day in 1947, Congress changed the order of who can succeed the President and Vice President in office, more closely reflecting the wishes of the Founding Fathers.

A birthday tribute to the Founding Father of gerrymandering

July 17, 2018 By NCC Staff

It’s the birthday of a Founding Father whose name you know today as part of a controversial political term.

A historical footnote: Supreme Court Justice Alexander Hamilton?

July 16, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

For a brief moment in 1795, George Washington’s attorney general floated an idea that didn’t have a chance of success but surely would have been interesting: Alexander Hamilton as a Supreme Court Justice.

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How Philadelphia lost the nation’s capital to Washington

July 16, 2018 By NCC Staff

It’s a sad day for some historically minded Philadelphians: It's the anniversary of the congressional act that moved the nation’s capital from their city to Washington, D.C.

Gerald Ford’s unique role in American history

July 14, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

Today is the birthday of the late former President, Gerald R. Ford, who went from being a college football star to the White House under the most unusual circumstances.

Interactive Constitution: The Seventeenth Amendment

July 13, 2018 By NCC Staff

David N. Schleicher and Todd J. Zywicki look at how the Seventeenth Amendment removed from state legislatures the power to choose U.S. Senators and gave that power directly to voters in each state – an important change in the balance of power between the federal government and states.

Happy 150th Birthday, 14th Amendment

July 12, 2018 By NCC Staff

Leading Civil War and Reconstruction scholars discuss the history and meaning of the 14th Amendment in celebration of its 150th anniversary.

Can a Vice President be charged with a crime while in office?

July 12, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

On July 12, 1804, Vice President Aaron Burr faced the prospect of murder charges after shooting Alexander Hamilton. Why didn’t those charges come to pass and what would happen today in a similar situation?

The Burr vs. Hamilton duel happened 214 years ago today

July 11, 2018 By NCC Staff

Today marks the anniversary of the deadly duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. What caused the sitting vice president to duel a Founding Father on the cliffs overlooking New York City?

10 facts about John Quincy Adams on his birthday

July 11, 2018 By Nicandro Iannacci

Though he served for only one term, the scion of John and Abigail Adams left an indelible mark on American history.

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