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Presidential Madness! The Sweet 16

March 24, 2011 by NCC Staff


Get your bracket

Download the updated bracket here.

The results are in, people! We have your Sweet 16 presidents. Vote and watch these men battle it out in round two of Presidential Madness, which starts today.

Highlights of Round 1:

  • George Washington crushed John Adams, in what we had originally thought would be a tough match-up—almost like a number 1 seed vs 2 seed, with 84 percent of the votes. Shows what we know!
  • Cinderella presidents Polk and Taft had no chance against the conference giants that are Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Both lost by more than 90 percent of votes cast.
  • Both FDR and JFK easily beat their opponents. They will meet in the second round in a battle of the initials!
  • In a nail biter that, at first ended in a tie which forced us to extend the deadline, Bill Clinton eked out a win against George Bush at the last second by only four votes.
  • His son W. carried on the family name, however, by ultimately annihilating President Obama, who was ahead for most of the first round, in a last minute surge—winning by 76 percent.

Vote below:

[polldaddy poll=4775095]

[polldaddy poll=4775109]

[polldaddy poll=4775116]

[polldaddy poll=4775123]

[polldaddy poll=4775129]

[polldaddy poll=4775136]

[polldaddy poll=4775140]

[polldaddy poll=4775159]

Who will go on to the Elite 8? Be sure to cast your votes today!


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