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Presidential Madness: the Sweet 16 (part two)

March 21, 2012 by NCC Staff


Welcome to Presidential Madness Round Two. This year we're determined to figure out which fictional commander in chief would make the best real-life president.

Below are eight fictional presidents who made the cut to the second round, all from the "east" portion of our bracket which you can download here. You can vote on the "west" portion here.

And now, to the match-ups.

Jack Stanton from "Primary Colors" vs. President Matt Douglas from "My Fellow Americans"

[polldaddy poll=6060644]

President Blake from "The Day after Tomorrow" vs. Andrew Shepherd from "The American President"

[polldaddy poll=6060650]

Henry Ashton from "Vantage Point" vs. Jed Bartlet from "The West Wing"

[polldaddy poll=6060651]

President McKenna from "X2: X-men United" vs. James Marshall from "Air Force One"

[polldaddy poll=6060652]

Return to Constitution Daily later this week for the rest of the tournament and keep track of the tournament competition on our Presidential Madness page.


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