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Presidential Madness: The final four of the dream Cabinet

April 5, 2013 by NCC Staff


Our Presidential Madness contest is down to four historic leaders, as Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton reignite their feud, and John Adams tackles FDR's war leader.

finalfourGet into Presidential Madness by downloading a bracket [PDF] and predicting who you think will make it to the finals as best Cabinet member of all time. Check in and vote each day at Constitution Daily for the latest round of polling.

Our annual Presidential Madness contest has picked the best real-life and fictional presidents in past years, but this time, we set out to select the ultimate presidential Cabinet—and the best Cabinet member of all time.

After a week of voting, we are down to four semifinalists.

So far, Thomas Jefferson was named by readers as their favorite secretary of state, edging out Hillary Clinton, while Henry Stimson, the War Department’s leader in World War II, bested Caspar Weinberger for defense secretary. Alexander Hamilton was picked over Robert Kennedy in a battle of close presidential advisers, while John Adams was selected over Al Gore as the best vice president.

And starting today, you can pick the finalists in Presidential Madness as the last four contenders go head-to-head in two votes. It will be Jefferson vs. Hamilton, in a battle of the Founding Fathers, and Stimson vs. Adams in a fight between George Washington’s vice president and the man who guided the defense effort during World War II.

Here are their brief candidate bios:

  • Thomas Jefferson was the nation’s first secretary of state. His clashes with Treasury Secretary Hamilton led to the formation of the nation’s first opposition party.
  • Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury and used his belief in federalism to centralize the economy, much to his opponents’ dismay.
  • John Adams was the first vice president, serving under President Washington before becoming president himself. Adams was a key figure in the American Revolution.
  • Henry Stimson had two tours at the War Department, including managing a 13-million-member military during World War II, and overseeing the atomic bomb program.

Vote for your favorites in our polls below. On Monday, the winners go head-to-head as we pick the best Cabinet member ever.

Semifinal 1

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Semifinal 2

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