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Presidential Madness: The Elite Eight

March 26, 2012 by NCC Staff


Welcome to Presidential Madness Round Three: the Elite Eight. Just like the real NCAA March Madness, our field of fictional presidents are squaring off daily to see who will advance and ultimately be crowned best fit as President of the United States. In a series of polls, we’re answering the age-old question: does life imitate art more than art imitates life? You decide.

The Sweet Sixteen had its mix of surprises and story lines: Thomas Whitmore of "Independence Day" just barely edged out Dave Kovic and Bill Mitchell of "Dave"; James Marshall of "Air Force One," Jed Bartlet of "The West Wing," and David Palmer of "24" all won in landslides.

Now we're down to just 8 caricatures of the Commander in Chief. Remember, you can follow the entire tournament on our Presidential Madness page.

David Palmer from "24" vs. Thomas Whitmore from "Independence Day"

[polldaddy poll=6078436]

Mays Gilliam from "Head of State" vs. Merkin Muffley from "Dr. Strangelove"

[polldaddy poll=6078441]

Jed Bartlet from "The West Wing" vs. James Marshall from "Air Force One"

[polldaddy poll=6078448]

Andrew Shepard from "The American President" vs. Matt Douglas from "My Fellow Americans"

[polldaddy poll=6078461]

Return to Constitution Daily later this week for the rest of the tournament and keep track of the competition on our Presidential Madness page.


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