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Presidential Madness: fill out your bracket today

March 17, 2011 by NCC Staff


Get the Bracket

Download a PDF of the Bracket at this link.

March Madness begins today, and while people everywhere will be catching all the matchups they can by taking extra-long lunch breaks or hogging all the office bandwidth with live-streaming games, your nation’s presidents want in on some of the action.

To procure a coveted spot in the NCAA Tournament, college teams must win their divisions during the regular season, or be chosen by a selection committee. In Presidential Madness, leaders of the free world aren’t exempt from a whittling down process either. Using a composite of 5 different polls, the U.S. News and World Report came up with a list of the top ten worst presidents. Top eleven actually, since President Nixon and President Hoover tied for 9th worst. The remaining 32 came out victorious and make up the National Constitution Center’s Presidential Madness Bracket.

Each round will correspond with each round of the NCAA tournament. Vote for each of your favorite presidents in the head to head matchups! Does Diaper Dandy Obama have a chance? Or will a Rip Van Winkle contender like Chester Arthur take it to the (white) house? It’s up to you!

As an added bonus, if you are in the Philadelphia area, bring your filled out bracket to the National Constitution Center, and you are eligible for a buy one, get one free ticket for admission to the museum.*

Ready? Vote on the first group today!

*Offer valid through April 4, 2011. Completed bracket must be turned in to the box office to redeem discount. Only one bracket can be submitted per person. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.


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