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Pox on history! What you didn't learn about colonial medicine in school [VIDEO]

August 31, 2011 by NCC Staff


What role did smallpox play during the Revolutionary War? Have you ever seen a bleeding bowl? What were some popular medical treatments in George Washington's time?

George Washington, Surveyor. Credit: Flickr photo by BuBBy

These questions and more are answered in the videos below by Dr. Robert Hicks, Director of the Mütter Museum and Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Dr. Hicks was our special guest for our August 18th “Pox on History!” program, which explored the impact smallpox and other infectious medical conditions had during colonial America.

In this video, Dr. Hicks offers a vivid picture of colonial medical treatments.  A Pox on History

[vimeo 27917895 640 360]

In this video, Dr. Hicks discusses what George Washington knew about smallpox and the surprising role it played in the American Revolution.

[vimeo 28380774 640 360]

Visit our friends at the Mütter Museum (and their YouTube channel!) for more fascinating medical history from their world-renowned collections and exhibits. And don’t forget to come see the Father of Our Country at the Constitution Center before he leaves Philadelphia on September 5th!

This video post was produced by Kathleen Maher and Sarah Winski. Maher is a Program Developer for the National Constitution Center, where she develops the Center’s audio tours, student guides and other programming. Sarah Winski is an Exhibit Developer; she is currently at work on an exhibition about Prohibition.

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