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Podcast:  The Future of NSA Surveillance

February 4, 2014 by NCC Staff


Peter Swire of the White House National Security Agency Review Board, Anita Allen of the University of Pennsylvania, and Charlie Savage of the New York Times discuss government surveillance, past and future, with National Constitution Center CEO Jeffrey Rosen. (Recorded 2/4/2014)

nsasurveillanceThis wide-ranging one hour and 24 minute discussion covers all angles of the national debate about the federal government's efforts to collect information about American citizens and foreign nationals as part of its role in the War on Terror.

Critics of the National Security Agency believe the NSA and the Obama administration have gone beyond the intent of the Fourth Amendment, by using a secret court to obtain phone and Internet information without specific warrants.

NSA supporters believe there needs to a balance between security and privacy,  and surveillance actions taken by the Bush and Obama administrations are within the constructs of the Constitution.

Which side of the issue are you on? Listen to our full podcast in the player below or click this link: Download this podcast(right click and save)

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