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Explaining why all federal courts are not the same

April 26, 2017 By Scott Bomboy

President Donald Trump created some confusion on Wednesday with his Twitter criticism of the “Ninth Circuit” for ruling against his sanctuary cities policies, when a lower court system judge handed down a decision.

Judge blocks cutoff of federal funds to “sanctuary cities”

April 25, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Declaring that President Trump probably acted unconstitutionally in attempting to cut off federal funds to city and county governments that do not help enforce federal immigration law, a judge in San Francisco on Tuesday blocked enforcement of the policy anywhere in the nation.

A landmark gerrymandering case heading toward the Court’s next term

April 25, 2017 By Scott Bomboy

The Supreme Court will likely end hearing arguments for its current term in late April, but some court followers are looking ahead to the big cases that could be in front of the nine Justices starting in October.

Government shutdown 101: Why they happen and what is closed

April 24, 2017 By Scott Bomboy

Later this week, Congress will face a budget-funding deadline that could lead to a partial government shutdown starting on Saturday. So what happens if politicians can’t reach a deal?

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