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Michelle Obama leads rally at National Constitution Center

June 6, 2012 by NCC Staff


First Lady Michelle Obama led a rally of supporters at an event at the National Constitution Center on Wednesday in Philadelphia.

The rally was held by the campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Tickets were handed out at local campaign offices in the Philadelphia area prior to the appearance.

Michelle Obama told an enthusiastic crowd that they couldn’t forget what is at stake in the November general election, and she also thanked the workers for their support.

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“From now until November, Barack needs all of you,” Michelle Obama said.

Michelle Obama said the campaign workers should remember how the economy was in 2009 when her husband took office, and how he fought to help motor-vehicle makers.

She also talked about how President Obama’s health-care reform efforts helped women, children and seniors, and how the Obama administration brought Osama bin Laden to justice.

“We also need to make sure we remember all of this and so much more is at stake this November,” she said. “We have to keep moving forward.”

“It all boils down to who you are and what you stand for,” she said about her husband’s ability as a decision maker.

Michelle Obama ended her speech with a call to action for campaign workers to help people make a difference.

“This election will be closer than ever before. In the end this could all come down to those last few thousand people who we help register to vote,” she said, adding that any campaign worker could register the one voter who makes a difference.

As a presidential candidate, then-Senator Barack Obama gave a speech on race in America in March 2008 at the National Constitution Center that became a hallmark of his presidential campaign.

In April 2008 at the Center, Obama and then-Senator Hillary Clinton debated before a national TV audience prior to the Pennsylvania primary.

Clinton won the primary election, but Obama captured his party’s presidential nomination that year.

Michelle Obama's appearance in Philadelphia came on the same day that a new poll showed her husband had a 12-point lead over Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania.

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