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Video: The 2015 Bill Of Rights Book Festival

December 16, 2015 by NCC Staff


Top experts discussed the Magna Carta, James Madison, the Supreme Court and the Federalist Papers at all-day event live from Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center on December 15, 2015.

BORfestivalTo watch live video, use the links included in the following guest/event list:

10 a.m.  - How the Magna Carta Shaped America with constitutional law and comparative constitutionalism expert A.E. Dick Howard


11:15 a.m.  - James Madison’s ‘Notes’: Revising the Constitutional Convention with professor of law and distinguished scholar Mary Sarah Bilder


1:15 p.m.  - Dissent and the Supreme Court: Its Role in the Court’s History and the Nation’s Constitutional Dialogue with revered judicial authority Melvin Urofsky


2:30 p.m.  - The Federalist Papers: Relevant Today? with one of America’s most distinguished constitutional scholars, Sanford Levinson


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