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Video: The Presidents And the Constitution

May 16, 2016 by NCC Staff


Four leading experts explained how each American President has confronted and shaped the Constitution, at a special National Constitution event on May 16, 2016.

presidentsconst-535Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina, Ken Gormley of Duquesne University, Barbara Perry of the University of Virginia, and Kenneth W. Starr of Baylor University were the panel members.

Gormley is the editor of a companion book, The Presidents and the Constitution: A Living History, to the program. The book offers a fresh perspective on how the Constitution has evolved in the hands of individual presidents. It delves into key moments in American history, from Washington’s early battles with Congress to the advent of the national security presidency under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, to reveal the dramatic historical forces that drove these presidents to action.

To watch the full video of the program, use the player below or the following link:


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