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January 20, 2012 by Margaret Cronan


As a fan of the National Constitution Center (you’re reading this post, right?), you probably noticed a certain word popping up at the Center itself and online. That word is FREEDOM.

Why the sudden focus on freedom? It’s our new brand.

Institutions aren’t quick to tell you they’re launching a new brand, but we are so excited about ours, we’re going to brag about it.

Why a new brand? Easy answer: locally, regionally, nationally – more people need to know about the National Constitution Center and the innovative and inspiring things we do. More people know; more people visit. You get the picture.

And what a perfect time for our new brand – as we begin celebrating the 225th anniversary of the Constitution.

Why FREEDOM? Big-time research tells us our key audiences don’t connect with the Constitution as a document but in what it represents, i.e. freedom.

We were pretty happy to hear that considering the first 17 minutes of our museum experience is a multimedia production called Freedom Rising. People tell us after they visit that they more deeply appreciate their freedoms as Americans.

And if you take a look at our neighbors – and check a thesaurus for “freedom” synonyms – you’ll find liberty (Bell) and independence (Hall). Freedom feels like a darn good fit.

How do we sell this FREEDOM thing?

A. Create a tagline that inspires people to sit up and listen: Freedom is calling.

B. Attach calls to action that make it clear there’s a lot to do here: Discover it. Touch it. Be a part of it.

C. Shout it from the mountaintops (and do a little shameless self-promotion, like blogging about it). Our shouts include a new TV commercial, outdoor advertising, and an upcoming online video contest called Freedom Story.

Ultimately, we hope you, our passionate supporters, will help bring this new brand to life. Freedom is calling. Share it with all your friends. Then celebrate it at the National Constitution Center.

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Margaret Cronan is the Chief Communications Officer of the National Constitution Center.

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