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Here's your chance to 'Ask Jeff,' live on Facebook

August 10, 2016 by NCC Staff


Jeffrey Rosen
Jeffrey Rosen

What’s the difference between originalism and living constitutionalism? How do the Constitution's text, history, precedent, and other tools help judges make decisions about the Constitution?

On Wednesday, August 24 at 1:00pm ET, Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, will answer your questions about constitutional interpretation, live on the Center's Facebook page. The conversation will also be released as a special episode of the Center's weekly podcast, We the People.

We will accept questions in advance until Sunday, August 21. You can submit them on Constitution Daily by commenting directly on this post, or by using the form at the bottom of this story to send us a question anonymously. You can also send us a question on Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskJeffNCC.

All questions must pertain to constitutional interpretation or judicial decision-making some way. Some questions may not be selected due to inappropriate subject matter, time constraints or other concerns at the discretion of Center staff.

We look forward to seeing you on August 24!

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