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Here’s a chance to buy a life-sized Abraham Lincoln

March 14, 2014 by Scott Bomboy


One of the more unusual auctions of recent times is taking place in Gettysburg this weekend, and some lucky person will talk away with a life-sized animatronic Abraham Lincoln.

031514muspic0976 - CopyThe American Civil War Wax Museum in the historic town of the Civil War’s iconic battle is selling its contents, as the Museum changes its focus to the entire town of Gettysburg. And in this case, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is just that.

The Museum has been near the center of the battlefield for more than 50 years. But the museum has undergone an extensive renovation and it wants to take a new approach that complements the Park Service’s extensive efforts about the battle.

So that means nearly 100 vinyl (and not technically wax) figures must go, along with diorama contents, tapestries, furniture and books.

For a history nut, the contents and the scenes they depict at truly mindboggling, and would become a conversation point in any rec room – or public display.

For example, not only can you buy a real-size figure of President Lincoln, who can buy Lincoln in a life-size scene debating Stephen Douglas. Or you can buy the life-size assassination scene featuring Lincoln with John Wilkes Booth.

If Lincoln isn’t your favorite, there is a gigantic reproduction of Gilbert Stuart’s George Washington portrait – and a similar portrait of John Adams.

A quick look through the sale catalog shows a who’s who of historical 19th century figures available in life-size vinyl form, including Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, many Confederate and Union generals, including George Custer.

One entire display booth features a set of Union generals, while another shows Stonewall Jackson’s death scene. Or if you are a Supreme Court fan, you can buy a display booth featuring the Dred Scott decision, complete with a vinyl life-sized Chief Justice Roger Taney.

Other figures available include Clara Barton, David Farragut, Eli Whitney, John Brown, Jefferson Davis and the Emperor Maximilian.

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