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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

August 4, 2011 by Sayeh Hormozi


President Obama is turning 50 today. It's a milestone birthday to say the least, and I must say that I've been a bit worried about his big day for a while now. With the country on the brink of financial disaster--and the deadline for a debt-ceiling agreement just two days before the president's birthday--how on earth would he be able to celebrate if the worst happened?

Inaugural portrait Flickr photo by Ethan Bloch

Thankfully now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the man can cut loose at his controversial fundraiser, and have a little fun on his birthday (since clearly that has been everyone's main concern). And we can all move on to more important topics: No, not what comes next to fix the economy, but how does the president look so darn good at 50??

It's obvious that leading the free world has taken its toll on our commander-in-chief.  His hair is grayer than it was on the campaign trail, and he is looking a bit tired these days. Compromise is exhausting (any married person can attest to that). But overall, the man's skin is looking smooth as a peach!

Thus my quest to find out the kind of moisturizer the President of the United States uses. Is it Kiehl's? Is Michelle shopping for him at the Clinique makeup counter? Inquiring minds want to know! If I can look as good as Barack Obama at 50, I'm buying what he's buying!

Perhaps he's dipping into Michelle's stash of beauty products before bed? I guess it will have to remain a mystery since I'm sure the President of the United States won't soon be endorsing a skin care line or doing advertisements for Axe body spray. In the meantime, I'll just have to admire his complexion from afar and wish him a happy, happy birthday!

If you'd like to hazard a guess at his skin care regimen, or just want wish him a happy birthday, please comment below or tweet using #happybirthdayobama.

Sayeh Hormozi is the National Constitution Center's Senior Manager for International and Civic Engagement.

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