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Grassroots slogans emerge from political conventions

September 5, 2012 by NCC Staff


The Address America project has its boots on the ground in Charlotte and Tampa, and a sampling of six-word slogans shows themes that cross party boundaries.

To be sure, there are partisans at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, but Address America also gets out a portable tree stump and asks anyone in town to climb up and give us their best six-word campaign speech.

So far, a lot of nonpartisan speeches have touched on topics addressed by the big two parties, such as jobs, the economy, abortion and same-sex marriage.

And, many other slogans express hopes and concerns about broader issues we all face.

Here are some of the top slogans, so far, gathered by our away team at the conventions. They are currently in Charlotte gathering more speeches.

You can watch video of all the slogans at our Vimeo  channel at:

Teacher's corner

Us this lesson plan to facilitate the creation of six-word stump speeches.

"One thing makes dreams impossible: fear."

"Really true freedom comes from within."

"I’m Democrat, I’m Republican. We’re friends. "

"Great leaders come from great minds."

"Don’t forget. Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity."

"To the world, America is hope."

"Children should get engaged in politics. "

"The world is changing. Respect everybody."

“Let’s try competence for a change.”

“Stop blaming others. Let’s solve problems.”

Check back here all week for highlights from our stop at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, and if you want to make your own speech online, just visit the Address America web site:

Selected speeches appear on the Address America website. As you’ll see, we have some very creative slogans! Address America: Your Six-Word Stump Speech features the following partners: SMITH Magazine, Comcast Newsmakers and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.


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