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What does the future of policing look like?

March 31, 2016 By Lana Ulrich

Legal experts offer reforms, big and small, that may show the country a way forward.

Video: Policing in a Democratic Society

October 13, 2015 By NCC Staff

As part of its national initiative to host constitutional conversations with police recruits and veterans, the National Constitution Center brings together experts in law and policing for an evening of thoughtful reflection.

Video: Chemerinsky and Rosenkranz debate the future of the Supreme Court

November 18, 2014 By NCC Staff

Most Americans share the perception that the Supreme Court is objective, but is it? Preeminent constitutional scholars Erwin Chemerinksy and Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz will tackle this controversial question tonight at the National Constitution Center.

Event preview: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand invites women to get ‘off the sidelines’

September 14, 2014 By NCC Staff

On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will take the stage in Philadelphia with Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, to discuss her personal journey in public service and the pressing need for women to speak up and speak out in civic life.

Video: Richard Epstein defends the ‘classical liberal’ Constitution

September 11, 2014 By NCC Staff

What does the Constitution mean, and how do we know? NYU Law School’s Richard Epstein joined the National Constitution Center’s Jeffrey Rosen and Penn Law School’s Theodore Ruger for a lively examination of the “classical liberal” approach to constitutional interpretation.

Nonpartisan talk pays off for National Constitution Center

September 8, 2014 By Scott Bomboy

Can people really debate the Constitution in a respectful way that yields positive results? Read this profile of National Constitution Center president Jeffrey Rosen’s drive to bring all sides to the table in a national debate that’s needed now more than ever.

Inquirer: ‘Civil discourse’ at the National Constitution Center

September 7, 2014 By NCC Staff

In today’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chris Mondics sits down with Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, to reflect on Rosen’s one-year anniversary at the helm and the importance of “civilized, respectful conversation” about the Constitution.

Event preview: Richard Epstein on interpreting the Constitution

September 7, 2014 By NCC Staff

On Tuesday, the influential legal scholar Richard Epstein of NYU Law School will join Theodore Ruger of Penn Law School and Jeffrey Rosen of the National Constitution Center to offer his distinctive interpretation of the Constitution—the classical liberal theory.

Event preview: Scholars and advocates review the 2013-2014 Supreme Court Term

July 5, 2014 By Andrew Lowy

The Anti-Defamation League’s Deborah Lauter will join legal scholars Erwin Chemerinsky and Frederick Lawrence on Tuesday to review and assess the latest Supreme Court term with Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center.

Video: Danielle Allen on equality and the Declaration of Independence

July 1, 2014 By NCC Staff

At a recent National Constitution Center event, political philosopher Danielle Allen examined the value and promise of political equality articulated by the Declaration of Independence.

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