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The Nuremberg trials, 70 years later

November 5, 2016 By Maggie Baldridge

A look back at "one of the most significant tributes that Power has ever paid to Reason."

Constitutional Rights: Will Japan abandon its pacifist stance?

July 16, 2016 By Jordyn Turner

Japan is on the brink of making the most significant amendment to its constitution since the charter first went into effect on May 3, 1947.

Constitutional Rights: Election night in Canada

October 23, 2015 By Jonathan Stahl

The Canadian electoral process provides a useful starting point for comparing the U.S. and Canadian constitutions.

Podcast: The Constitution and the world

October 9, 2015 By NCC Staff

Oona Hathaway of Yale Law School and Michael Paulsen of the University of St. Thomas School of Law debate whether foreign laws or international agreements have a role in interpreting the U.S. Constitution.

From the Carolinas to Catalonia, the temptation of secession

September 30, 2015 By Jonathan Stahl

Largely a relic of U.S. history, secession has found new life in the Catalonia region of Spain.

Constitutional Rights: What’s the matter with Turkey?

April 13, 2015 By Nicandro Iannacci

A Turkish court’s order for Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to remove images of a dead government official is only the latest in a series of concerning developments in Turkey’s constitutional culture.

Václav Havel and the Velvet Revolution, 25 years later

November 17, 2014 By NCC Staff

On this day in 1989, a student gathering in the Czechoslovakian capital of Prague set in motion a series of protests that culminated in the election of playwright-dissident Václav Havel to the presidency and the end of communist rule.

Liberty rising, from Philadelphia to Eidsvoll

October 20, 2014 By Nicandro Iannacci

This year, the Norwegian Constitution turns 200 years old, making it one of the oldest continuous national constitutions in the world. The U.S. Constitution, and the men who crafted it, played no small role in Norway’s deliberations.

English votes for English laws?

September 30, 2014 By Nicandro Iannacci

Thanks in part to the promise of new powers for local government, Scotland voted to reject independence. But remarks by British Prime Minister David Cameron on the morning after the referendum have sparked a new constitutional frenzy.

Scotland says the UK is ‘better together’

September 19, 2014 By Nicandro Iannacci

It’s official: the Scottish people have rejected independence. But the matter is far from settled—the months and years ahead promise spirited debate over governance of the British union.

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