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Supreme Court sends Obamacare contraception case back for compromise

May 16, 2016 By NCC Staff

A unanimous Supreme Court on Monday said it won’t decide a dispute over Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate and religious rights, telling lower courts and the parties involved to find a compromise solution.

Supreme Court nominee’s court could get Obamacare appeal

May 13, 2016 By NCC Staff

A big win on Thursday by House Republicans in a quest to defund part of Obamacare is seemingly headed to appeal at a federal court where Merrick Garland is chief judge.

Constitution Check: If the Supreme Court’s birth-control idea is ratified, what then?

April 7, 2016 By Lyle Denniston

In the first of a two-part series, National Constitution Center constitutional literacy adviser Lyle Denniston looks at the Supreme Court’s unusual order to ask for more written arguments in the current Obamacare case in front of the eight Justices.

Podcast: Religious liberty and the Obamacare contraceptive mandate

March 31, 2016 By NCC Staff

Greg Lipper of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Michael Moreland of Villanova University debate one of the most important Supreme Court cases of the term.

An uncertain future for health care law’s birth-control mandate

March 24, 2016 By Lyle Denniston

National Constitution Center constitutional literacy adviser Lyle Denniston was at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, where all signs pointed to a possible even split between the eight Justices on the latest Obamacare challenge - an outcome that may have seemed surprising several years ago.

Little Sisters and Big Burdens:  Does Obamacare substantially burden the free exercise of religion?

March 7, 2016 By Jeffrey Shulman

In this commentary, Jeffrey Shulman from Georgetown Law looks at the upcoming Supreme Court case on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Obamacare, and how the drafting language in RFRA complicates the Court's job.

Constitution Check: Which birth control case will the Supreme Court choose?

November 5, 2015 By Lyle Denniston

Lyle Denniston, the National Constitution Center’s constitutional literacy adviser, looks at the seven cases the Supreme Court is evaluating as the next test cases presented about the Affordable care Act, or Obamacare.

Constitution Check: Do Obamacare rules do enough to protect religious employers?

October 15, 2015 By Lyle Denniston

Lyle Denniston, the National Constitution Center’s constitutional literacy adviser, examines the core question that now surrounds the Affordable Care Act’s mandate for employers to provide birth-control services to their employees or, for colleges, to their students.

Does the Constitution protect a ‘right to die’?

October 2, 2015 By Joshua Waimberg

California Governor Jerry Brown has a decision to make.

Podcast: Obamacare, Kim Davis, and religious exemptions

September 10, 2015 By NCC Staff

Matt Bowman of the Alliance Defending Freedom and Ian Millhiser of the Center for American Progress examine constitutional challenges to the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate with guest host Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina School of Law.

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