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Supreme Court confirms Excessive Fines Clause applies to states

February 20, 2019 By Scott Bomboy

In a unanimous ruling on Tuesday, the Supreme Court overturned an Indiana Supreme Court decision that said that part of federal Constitution’s Eighth Amendment didn’t apply to the states.

Justices to get second partisan gerrymander case

November 15, 2018 By Lyle Denniston

State officials in Maryland moved Thursday to take a new partisan gerrymandering case to the Supreme Court, and both sides in the case have agreed on a schedule that could get a final ruling by the end of the Justices’ current term.

Supreme Court ends Pennsylvania election map debate

October 29, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

Without comment, the Supreme Court on Monday denied an appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans about a new election map for congressional races mandated by the state’s Supreme Court.

A plea to end all partisan gerrymandering challenges

October 3, 2018 By Lyle Denniston

Reopening a deeply divisive controversy that has troubled the Supreme Court for 32 years, four state legislators from North Carolina have urged the Justices to bar all constitutional challenges to partisan gerrymandering.

Should the Excessive Fines Clause apply against the states?

September 5, 2018 By Lana Ulrich

Is there a situation where some rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights don’t apply at a state level? A new case at the Supreme Court could better define the answer to that question, which has a long history at the Court.

Supreme Court rules in Texas gerrymandering dispute

June 25, 2018 By NCC Staff

A divided Supreme Court said on Monday that a lower federal court erred when it tried to prevent election maps from going into effect in Texas that it felt were racially biased.

Supreme Court sides with Ohio in voter-rolls dispute

June 11, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

A divided Supreme Court on Monday allowed the state of Ohio’s voter-registration list maintenance policies to remain in place, reversing a federal appeals court ruling.

Divided Supreme Court reaffirms salmon culvert decision

June 11, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court let a federal appeals decision stand about tribal fishing rights in Washington state, when a majority of justices didn’t reach an opinion.

Talk grows about sports betting decision’s impact on cannabis laws

May 21, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

How will the Supreme Court’s recent decision about sports betting influence conflicts between federal and state laws? One area where it directly could see an impact is in the areas of regulating medical and recreational marijuana use.

Supreme Court establishes a broad new protection for states’ independence

May 14, 2018 By Lyle Denniston

In a broad reaffirmation of the constitutional idea that Congress cannot order state governments to carry out federal policies, the Supreme Court on Monday went further than it has done in the past to shore up states’ sovereign powers.   It did so as it struck down all parts of a 1992 federal law passed to stop the spread of betting on sports.

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