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A troubled semicentennial remembrance of the Voting Rights Act

August 7, 2015 By Rick Valelly

In this commentary, Rick Valelly of Swarthmore College says the history of voting rights reminds us that democracy is a work in progress that requires hard thinking and effort from all of us.

Voting rights law, then and now

August 7, 2015 By Nathaniel Persily

In this commentary, Nathaniel Persily of Stanford Law School explains how the struggle over voting rights has changed since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965.

Celebrating one of the Voting Rights Act’s many anniversaries

August 6, 2015 By Brianne Gorod

In this commentary, Brianne Gorod of the Constitutional Accountability Center argues that the Voting Rights Act's multiple congressional reauthorizations are evidence of its power and importance.

Bruised and weary, the Voting Rights Act celebrates its 50th birthday

August 6, 2015 By Nicandro Iannacci

Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Voting Rights Act of 1965, taking an enormous step toward protecting the right to vote for all Americans.

Will the next 50 years fulfill the promise of the last 50 years?

August 6, 2015 By J. Christian Adams

In this commentary, J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation says the Voting Rights Act must be enforced without regard to party or race.

The Voting Rights Act and the Second Redemption

August 5, 2015 By Kermit Roosevelt

In this commentary, Kermit Roosevelt from the University of Pennsylvania Law School says our country's legacy of slavery and racism remains with us today.

The Voting Rights Act at a crossroads

August 4, 2015 By Rick Hasen

In this commentary, Rick Hasen of the University of California, Irvine School of Law says a big trial in North Carolina demonstrates that the Voting Rights Act is in need of a major upgrade.

Let’s keep the Voting Rights Act focused on actual racial discrimination

August 3, 2015 By Roger Clegg

In this commentary, Roger Clegg of the Center for Equal Opportunity says it's time to do away with disparate impact and preclearance under the Voting Rights Act.

In Congress, competing bills promote LGBT rights and religious liberty

July 31, 2015 By Will Field

The two proposals represent the first wave of efforts to grapple with the challenges of a post-Obergefell world.

Podcast: Voting rights on trial in North Carolina

July 23, 2015 By NCC Staff

As the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act approaches, Rick Hasen of the University of California, Irvine School of Law and Derek Muller of the Pepperdine University School of Law join our Jeffrey Rosen to discuss a big trial in North Carolina.

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