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Dollars and Sense: learn how the gov't manages its money

April 18, 2011 by Mark Kehres


This year, April 18th is Income Tax Day.

Due to the District of Columbia celebrating Emancipation Day on the 15th this year (usually it’s the 16th), Tax Day has been moved back just a little bit.

Naturally, this isn’t a day most people look forward to.  But as it turns out, questions about taxes and the government’s budget are about more than just money—some of those questions go right to the heart of how we want our country to work.

This Tax Day, check out “Dollars and Sense,” the newest episode of our web video-lesson series Constitution Hall Pass, to learn about how the government manages its money.  The show focuses on how Alexander Hamilton and the other Founders created a system of banking, taxes, and tariffs to raise some much-needed funds after the Revolution, and takes you inside the breakdown of the federal budget.

It even takes a trip out into Philadelphia to visit one of the city's most architecturally-inspiring historic highlights.  Visit the Center's website to check out “Dollars and Sense” on Constitution Hall Pass and find out how the government takes care of their dollars and cents!


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