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Constitutional Astrology: Presidential Scorpios

October 25, 2011 by Sayeh Hormozi


For many, the stars (the ones made of hydrogen and helium) serve as a GPS for life. Should I go on that blind date? Should I ask my boss for that raise? Well, is Mercury in retrograde?

The constitutional astrologers here at Constitution Daily (yes, we exist) take a radical new approach to the zodiac: What does your sign say, not about the future but about the past?

While many will still look to political pundits (also often  filled with gas) to comprehend current events, we watch as the planets shift and the moons of Jupiter align to help you make sense of it all. Visit this space each month to find out your historical horoscope and the U.S. Presidents who share your sign.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 22)

With Halloween and all its ghoulish glory around the corner, it's the perfect time to explore one of the darker signs of the zodiac. Scorpio, known for its fiery temper and volatile disposition, is the sign with the most demons to battle.

Have you been quick to anger lately? Perhaps noticed that your fuse is a little shorter than usual? Don't give in to the baser side of Scorpio's energy this month. Instead, tap into the deep sensitivity that is synonymous with the sign --making Scorpio a great listener and incredible friend.

Forceful and determined, Scorpios are also often masters of the written and spoken word, easily convincing others of  convictions for which they almost always are extremely passionate. It's appropriate, then, that the Federalist Papers, a series of newspaper essays promoting the ratification of the Constitution began publication during Scorpio's reign, on October 27, 1787. (While they had little influence on the ratification contest, the essays penned by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay have since become the most influential interpretation of the Constitution ever written.)

Presidential Scorpios

  • John Adams October 30 1735
  • James K. Polk November 2, 1795
  • James A. Garfield November 19, 1831
  • Theodore Roosevelt October 27, 1858
  • Warren G. Harding November 2, 1865

Harnessed for good, Scorpios' passion can make for intensely magnetic personalities, drawing people to them, in an almost hypnotic state. Not a bad trait for someone in a leadership position, so it's no surprise then that five U.S. presidents have been Scorpios.

So much like they did, try your best to stave off the pitfalls of your Scorpio nature and instead focus on those things that make you unique and you will go far! Perhaps your watchfulness enables you to never forget a face like James K. Polk, making the people who meet you feel truly special. Or, be proud of the courage you have to stick to your guns, when you believe in something--even if it's unpopular--like John Adams.

Scorpios are the closest thing the zodiac calendar has to a super hero--constantly battling good and evil--even within themselves, but whether or not you don a mask and tights for Halloween, at least try to stay on Scorpio's good side this year!

When she is not star-gazing Sayeh Hormozi is Senior Manager for International & Civic Engagement at the National Constitution Center.

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