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Constitutional Astrology: Presidential Pisceans

February 28, 2012 by Sayeh Hormozi


For many, the stars (the ones made of hydrogen and helium) serve as a   GPS for life. Should I go on that blind date? Should I ask my boss for   that raise? Well, is Mercury in retrograde?


The constitutional astrologers here at Constitution Daily (yes, we exist) take a radical new approach to the zodiac: What does your sign say, not about the future but about the past?


While many will still look to political pundits (also often  filled   with gas) to comprehend current events, we watch as the planets shift   and the moons of Jupiter align to help you make sense of it all. Visit   this space each month to find out your historical horoscope and the U.S.  Presidents who share your sign.

Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

As this year’s erratic winter temperatures give way to March and the warmth of  spring, Pisces’s malleable nature is thriving. Keenly in-tune with its surroundings, Pisces can adapt easily to constant changes, not only in weather, but in the people they encounter as well. Extremely open-minded and understanding, Pisceans are able to get along with folks from all walks of life.

Presidential Pisces

George Washington February 22, 1732


James Madison March 16, 1751


Andrew Jackson March 15, 1767


This ability to adapt, however, can often cause others to view Pisceans as wishy-washy and unable to make strong decisions. A characteristic clearly not possessed by the U.S. presidents born under the sign. Known for invoking an almost divine influence and admiration amongst his peers, George Washington’s singular ability to lead, for example, earned him the title of father of our country.


Typically however, Pisces is often most comfortable in subordinate roles, shying away from positions of authority. This go-with-the flow water sign, can patiently wait for problems to work themselves out, rather than try to force a situation or person to suit their needs—making Pisceans very popular friends.


But although their sensitivity to others makes Pisceans extremely empathetic, it can often be to their own detriment, as they are prone to feeling personally touched by the suffering of others. This is an admirable quality Pisces, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Try not to withdraw from the problems of the real world that you feel so deeply, and stay grounded and focus on your own life. After all, being the best version of yourself will allow you to be the most effective at what comes so naturally to you—helping others.


When she is not star-gazing Sayeh Hormozi is Senior Manager for International & Civic Engagement at the National Constitution Center.


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