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Constitutional Astrology: Presidential Leos

July 26, 2011 by Sayeh Hormozi


Editor's Note: Constitutional Astrology is a monthly service of Constitution Daily.

For many, the stars (the ones made of hydrogen and helium) serve as a GPS for life. Should I go on that blind date? Should I ask my boss for that raise? Well, is Mercury in retrograde?

The constitutional astrologers here at Constitution Daily (yes, we exist) take a radical new approach to the zodiac: What does your sign say, not about the future but about the past? While many will still look to political pundits (also often  filled with gas) to comprehend current events, we will be watching as the planets shift and the moons of Jupiter align to help you make sense of it all. Visit this space each month to find out your historical horoscope and the U.S. Presidents who share your sign.
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Leo ( July 22nd to August 21st)

This month you may find yourself itching to break free of old routines and restrictive rules. With the man getting you down lately, this is the perfect month to stand up for yourself and make your voice heard!

Declare your independence from the things that are holding you back. That's what our Founding Fathers did on August 2nd, 1776, the day they formally signed the Declaration of Independence. Thought it was on the 4th of July? Not so much.

Be warned, you may not see results right away. Persistence is the key this month if you want to see real change take place in your life. Take a page from the women's suffrage movement. Campaigning for the right to vote for a century and more, suffragists had to wait until August 18, 1920, to see the 19th Amendment added to the Constitution, guaranteeing that their right to vote would not be denied based on sex. (Now don't get us wrong, Constitution Daily astrologers don't think you need to wait 100 years to tell your boss you're done doing TPS reports! Just don't get discouraged. If at first you don't succeed...)

Presidential Leos (sadly, no DiCaprios have occupied the White House)

  • Benjamin Harrison, born August 20, 1833
  • Herbert Hoover, born August 10, 1874
  • William J. Clinton, born August 19, 1946
  • Barack Obama , born August 4, 1961

As Leos go, these guys are a puzzle, completely atypical for the sign. Benjamin Harrison, for example, was not known for his warmth and charisma. He refused to shake hands with people (total germaphobe) and was well known for always being in a bad mood. Nicknamed "the human iceberg," it's safe to say he wasn't the most popular guy at a dinner party.

So, in your efforts to shake things up a bit this month, try the friendly approach. You may find that you catch more flies with honey. Take a lesson from Herbert Hoover, whose less-than-popular legacy speaks for itself. He was known for being a sullen bureaucrat, which clearly didn't work out too well for him. President Obama, also criticized for being a little too cool, should know, as he's been having a heck of a time with his opponents in all this debt ceiling business.

So test out the power of a warm smile and a welcoming hand shake. After all, Bill Clinton, widely acknowledged as master of those techniques, was elected governor of Arkansas four times before he went on to serve two terms as president.

When she is not star-gazing Sayeh Hormozi is Senior Manager for International & Civic Engagement at the National Constitution Center.

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