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Constitutional Astrology: Presidential Capricorns

December 23, 2011 by Sayeh Hormozi


For many, the stars (the ones made of hydrogen and helium) serve as a GPS for life. Should I go on that blind date? Should I ask my boss for that raise? Well, is Mercury in retrograde?

The constitutional astrologers here at Constitution Daily (yes, we exist) take a radical new approach to the zodiac: What does your sign say, not about the future but about the past?

While many will still look to political pundits (also often  filled with gas) to comprehend current events, we watch as the planets shift and the moons of Jupiter align to help you make sense of it all. Visit this space each month to find out your historical horoscope and the U.S. Presidents who share your sign.

Capricorn (December 23 to January 20)

Every year, the holiday season brings us awkward office parties, glittery decorations, delicious baked goods, and hopefully lots of top-quality electronics (or, depending on your priorities, top quality-time with your family). But, as anyone who has faced mobs of angry shoppers fighting over the latest LeapFrog tablet knows, this time of year comes with some serious stress. Good thing that making lists and checking them twice is an area in which Capricorns excel. Extremely detail-oriented, organized Capricorns thrive on structure. They can tackle any project, big or small, with the laser-like focus and determination particular to their sign.

Presidential Capricorns

Millard Fillmore - January 7, 1800

Andrew Johnson - December 29, 1808

Woodrow Wilson - December 28, 1856

Richard M. Nixon - January 9, 1913

    Capricorns are not an easily daunted bunch. Circumstances that would dishearten even the bravest of souls don't frighten a Capricorn. Both Millard Fillmore and Andrew Johnson were self-made men, for example. Fillmore, born into extremely poor circumstances, taught himself to read at the age of 15 while he worked in a clothing factory, while Johnson ran away from home in Tennessee at 15, only to resurface three years later in North Carolina to open his own tailor shop.

    Despite their drive to succeed, Capricorns are also an incredibly cautious bunch. They will rarely make a hasty decision--sizing up all possible outcomes before making their move, much like Woodrow Wilson did before entering World War I. Horrified by the casualties in Europe, Wilson said, "I will not be rushed into war," despite being called a coward by Theodore Roosevelt.

    Although all of this ambition and steadfast determination is admirable, be careful Capricorn. Constantly looking to the future can make you neglect to enjoy the present. Couple that with your penchant for the blues, and you might have a rough go of things.  Instead, quit obsessing over the details so much, and step back and see the forest for the trees. It's a much prettier view.

    When she is not star-gazing Sayeh Hormozi is Senior Manager for International & Civic Engagement at the National Constitution Center.

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