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Constitution Day Hall Pass: The Bill Of Rights

December 12, 2014 by NCC Staff


As Constitution Daily counts down to the debut on December 15 at the National Constitution Center of an exhibition featuring an original copy of the Bill of Rights, we are looking at some fascinating facts about the iconic document. Today: Learn all about the Bill of Rights in just one video.


Our Constitution Hall Pass video, “Constitution Day 2014: The Bill Of Rights,” provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the Constitution’s fiercely-debated first 10 amendments were created and continue to be interpreted.


hallpass2014During the episode, viewers will learn about the creation of the Bill of Rights, James Madison’s role in the document’s creation, what each of the first 10 amendments mean and what freedoms they protect, as well as the importance of the 14th Amendment. The episode also will look at a case relevant to students in the digital age, J.S. v. Blue Mountain, where a middle-school student challenged the courts over her First Amendment right to make a parody profile of her school principal on MySpace.


Students will come away with a greater understanding of where these guaranteed rights come from, how our legal system protects these rights, and the importance of civic participation.


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