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Constitution Daily's Top 10 Posts of 2011 [VIDEO]

December 25, 2011 by NCC Staff


In the spirit of the holidays, the editorial staff of Constitution Daily have grown nostalgic. We're looking forward to spending time with our friends and families, and we've been looking back at what we've accomplished since the blog's official launch in January.

Lists are a standard feature of the holiday season -- shopping lists, to-do lists and, as the New Year approaches, Top 10 lists. So we've developed a Top 10 list of our own -- 10 staff-written stories we were proud to share with Constitution Daily readers over the past year. Editor Steve Frank recalls them for you in the accompanying video. Enjoy, and happy holidays from all of us at the National Constitution Center!

[vimeo 33263964 450 258]

For further reading, below are links to the Top 10 posts (in chronological order):

Presidential MadnessMy belated birthday wish list, by Martha WashingtonHappy Second of July? The story behind the battle for America’s birthdayWhy did the U.S. Capital move from Philadelphia to D.C.?“What’s a straw poll?” + 6 other questions about primaries and caucusesConstitutional Astrology: The Presidential Horoscopes for JuneHow Congress spent its summer: 2011 vs. 1787“Fighting for Democracy”: Hazel Ying LeeCelebrate Veterans Day: The sports fans I served withBorn to run (for President?)

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