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Supreme Court appeal next after Trump curb on immigration blocked

May 25, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

In a ruling that is going to be tested, and soon, in the Supreme Court, a federal appeals court in Richmond, VA, on Thursday barred the Trump Administration from enforcing the President’s revised curb on immigration of foreign nationals from six Muslim-majority nations.

Trump administration loses another immigration-ban appeal

May 25, 2017 By Scott Bomboy

The Fourth Circuit Appeals Court has ruled against President Donald Trump’s immigration-ban executive order, in another rebuke of the controversial policy. In a 10-3 decision made by the full court, Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory’s majority opinion had strong words about the executive order, starting with his opinion’s first paragraph.

Podcast: The life and legacy of John Marshall

May 25, 2017 By NCC Staff

Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina and Kevin Walsh of the University of Richmond explore the influential career of the nation's longest-serving chief justice.

Supreme Court Scorecard (Updated 5/25/2017): The current term

May 25, 2017 By NCC Staff

The Supreme Court is heading toward the home stretch of an eventful and unusual term. Here is a quick update of the major cases heard in Court since October, with a few other cases left undecided.

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