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Can you pass a simple Supreme Court quiz?

September 4, 2012 by NCC Staff


A recent report that most Americans can’t name one Supreme Court justice has us giving a pop quiz to test our readers’ very basic high-court knowledge.

The web site released poll results that shocked some observers, and reinforced that many citizens lack basic knowledge about the Supreme Court and its role in society.

Only 34 percent of people polled could name one of the current justices on the bench.

“Recent rulings, particularly the decision upholding health care reform, have brought more attention to the U.S. Supreme Court than we’ve seen in past years,” said Stephanie Rahlfs, an attorney and editor at, in a press release. “While the decisions often have significant and lasting impact, the justices themselves are generally not very visible nor well known to the public as individuals.”

That’s an understatement, since only 1 percent of those polled could name every justice on the court.

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That led us to look at a few basic quizzes on educational websites about the court for inspiration, to see what’s being taught and what type of questions citizens of all ages should be able to answer.

We put together our own pop quiz to test your knowledge. And these are simple questions--we aren’t asking you what color hair Chief Justice Earl Warren had in 1959 or to decide whether the Commerce Clause is really a tax.

Try our quiz and see how you do. And we also have a few links if you want more basic information on the Supreme Court.

If you have problems viewing the quiz, click on the following direct link:


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