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Constitutional Astrology: Presidential Libras

September 28, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

With Libra in your orbit during the next four weeks, there's no better time to really think about how open and balanced you've been.

Constitutional Astrology: Presidential Virgos

August 24, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

The constitutional astrologers here at Constitution Daily take a radical new approach to the zodiac: What does your sign say, not about the future but about the past?

International Engagement: What do Latvia and the U.S. have in common?

August 17, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

An international program will explore citizenship in Latvia and the U.S., through the eyes of high school students.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

August 4, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

With the debt deal done, we can move on to more important topics: How does the president look so darn good at 50?

Constitutional Astrology: Presidential Leos

July 26, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

Constitutional astrologers at the National Constitution Center take a radical new approach to the zodiac.

Constitutional Astrology: The Presidential Horoscopes for June

June 23, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

While many will still look to political pundits to comprehend current events, we will be watching as the planets shift and the moons of Jupiter align to help you make sense of it all.

If we are what we eat, how many calories is that? Find out what the FDA is proposing.

April 25, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

Cities like New York and Seattle already have laws in place that require all restaurants to post nutritional information on their menus, but is this a good thing?

C&D: Civic Dialogue for the common good?

March 25, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

How can we foster civic dialogue that simultaneously produces the agreement necessary to advance the common good and respects the voices of protest that often contribute to social progress?

Free the mouse: How the Supreme Court may release Mickey into the public domain.

March 17, 2011 By Sayeh Hormozi

In 2019, Mickey Mouse is set to be released to the public domain. But will the Congress grant Disney another extension?

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