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Working class heroes: five names to remember on Labor Day

September 1, 2014 By Mark Kehres

Labor Day is an occasion for end-of-summer barbecues, one last splash in the pool, and the beginning of football season. But it’s also an occasion to recall some of the champions of American labor. Here are five names to remember.

Why the U.S. was (sorta) founded on June 21st

June 21, 2014 By Mark Kehres

The ratification process is easy to take for granted; people often read about the intense debates at the Convention and assume that the document activated itself when it was signed.

Thanksgiving: An All-American holiday

November 20, 2012 By Mark Kehres

Thanksgiving is more than just an occasion to get together with family and consume astronomical levels of tryptophan. It’s also a day to celebrate civic ideals.

The revolutionary origins of the Purple Heart

September 23, 2011 By Mark Kehres

The Purple Heart is a symbol of the sacrifices required to defend our nation and stands as a living connection to our Revolutionary forebears.

Office politics: 10 tough presidential decisions

August 9, 2011 By Mark Kehres

How tough a job is it? Here are 10 storms weathered by our nation's presidents.

It's Education Nation week at the National Constitution Center

June 6, 2011 By Mark Kehres

Throughout this week, NBC’s Education Nation Experience will be set up on our front lawn, inviting visitors to step inside and learn more about the current state of our education system. 

Dollars and Sense: learn how the gov't manages its money

April 18, 2011 By Mark Kehres

This Tax Day, check out “Dollars and Sense,” the newest episode of our web video-lesson series Constitution Hall Pass, to learn about how the government manages its money.

Training, testing, and licensing tour guides: Whose history is it, anyway?

January 28, 2011 By Mark Kehres

National Constitution Center's own tour guide weight in on the pending 1st Amendment case requiring the testing of all Philadelphia tour guides.

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