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Strict D.C. law against gun-carrying struck down

July 25, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

In a ruling that significantly broadens the right to carry a gun outside one’s own home, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that a city or state may not constitutionally limit that right to individuals who have some specific need to protect themselves. 

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Supreme Court allows more family kin to enter U.S.under immigration ban

July 19, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the Trump Administration to allow grandparents and other family members of foreign nationals from Mideast countries to enter the U.S., but told a lower court to review how many refugees can be excluded.  

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Hawaii: Lower courts can handle immigration dispute

July 18, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Lawyers for the state of Hawaii and other challengers to President Trump’s executive order argued to the Supreme Court on Tuesday that the current phase of that dispute should play out first in a lower appeals court. 

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The puzzle over who will decide the immigration controversy

July 16, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Legal disputes in the federal courts often unfold in a familiar pattern, going from the lowest-ranking court and then, step by step up the ladder, finally reaching the Supreme Court. The usual pattern, though, has not been followed lately in the constitutional controversy over President Trump’s March 6 executive order on immigration. 

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Immigration dispute reaches Supreme Court again

July 15, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Taking the constitutional controversy over immigration restrictions back to the Supreme Court , the Trump Administration on Friday night asked the Justices’ permission to keep intact its current policy on foreign nationals and refugees seeking entry.   An order by a federal judge in Hawaii relaxing those restrictions should be swiftly overturned, the new document argued.

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Trump team: Back to Supreme Court on immigration

July 14, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

The Trump Administration will return to the Supreme Court in an attempt to get free of a federal judge’s new order expanding entry to the U.S. of foreign nationals and refugees, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Friday afternoon.

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Judge orders entry of more foreign relatives, refugees

July 14, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

A federal judge in Hawaii late Thursday afternoon ordered the Trump Administration to relax its new controls on immigrants, to allow the entry of more foreign relatives of U.S. residents and more refugees from around the world.  The judge refused to put his new ruling on hold, even if the Administration now moved to appeal it, either to the Supreme Court or to a federal appeals court.

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New violations of Supreme Court immigration ruling claimed

July 13, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Lawyers for the state of Hawaii and other challengers to the way the Trump Administration is limiting immigration of foreign nationals and refugees leveled new charges of illegal government action in a filing with a federal judge Wednesday night.

U.S.: Only Supreme Court can relax immigration limits

July 12, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Disagreeing with a federal appeals court, Trump Administration lawyers argued on Tuesday night that a federal judge had no authority to expand the categories of foreign nationals and refugees who may enter the U.S. under a presidential executive order.

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Major sex equality dispute on way to Supreme Court

July 11, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

One of the most significant civil rights questions developing over more than a quarter-century -- how far did Congress intend to go to outlaw sex discrimination – is headed to the Supreme Court for a likely showdown.  That issue is at the intersection of three phases in the modern civil rights revolution: on women’s rights, gay rights, and transgender rights.

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