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President Obama and arguments about pending Supreme Court cases

June 17, 2015 By Josh Blackman

In this commentary, Josh Blackman from South Texas College of Law looks at research conducted about the timing of presidential comments on Supreme Court decisions.

Oh Schuette! Did Romer put Seattle School District No. 1 to sleep?

October 28, 2013 By Josh Blackman

Josh Blackman from the South Texas College of Law looks at how a current an affirmative action case in front of the Supreme Court could affect a pair of landmark cases about housing and school busing.

The Affordable Care Act and a tale of two Constitutions

October 9, 2013 By Josh Blackman

Josh Blackman talks about how the debate over the Affordable Care Act is part of a broader discussion about two modern visions of the Constitution.

FantasySCOTUS: a Supreme Court fantasy league puts you on the bench [VIDEO]

August 22, 2011 By Josh Blackman

The online game is a hit in judicial chambers across the country.

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