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Address America: Respect, freedom among themes

August 30, 2012 by NCC Staff


As our Address America project continues with its road tour in Tampa, we received a lot of diverse six-word stump speeches.

Address America: Your Six-Word Stump Speech asks people to give us a "stump speech,” in exactly six words, that sums up their thoughts on key election issues.

On Wednesday, we asked a cross-section of people for their speeches. And we got a lot of speeches that also crossed party lines.

RNC Tampa 8-29 from National Constitution Center on Vimeo.

Here are some examples:

"I’m Democrat, I’m Republican. We’re friends. "

"Great leaders come from great minds."

"Don’t forget. Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity."

"To the world, America is hope."

"Children should get engaged in politics. "

"The world is changing. Respect everybody."

Check back here all week for highlights, and if you want to make your own speech online, just visit the Address America website:

Selected speeches appear on the Address America website. As you’ll see, we have some very creative slogans! Address America: Your Six-Word Stump Speech features the following partners: SMITH Magazine, Comcast Newsmakers and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.


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