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Address America: Jobs focus of convention feedback

August 28, 2012 by NCC Staff


The National Constitution Center is in Tampa and will be in Charlotte getting citizen feedback as part of our Address America campaign.

Address America asks people to give us a "stump speech,”  in exactly six words, that sums up their thoughts on key election issues.

On Monday, we asked people who were also dealing with some weather issues in Tampa for their six-word stump speeches.

And jobs seemed to be a topic on everyone’s mind.

RNC Tampa 8-27 from National Constitution Center on Vimeo.

“We need [a] strong economy and jobs,” said one voter.

“Let’s try competence for a change,” said another.

“Stop blaming others. Let’s solve problems,” was another rallying cry.

We also ran into Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, who gave us his own stump speech.

“More jobs, less taxes, Romney Ryan,” said Corbett.

Check back here all week for highlights, and if you want to make your own speech online, just click the link below to our Address America website:

Selected speeches appear on the Address America web site. As you’ll see, we have some very creative slogans!

Address America: Your Six-Word Stump Speech features the following partners: SMITH Magazine, Comcast Newsmakers and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.


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