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The seeds of Revolution: The Stamp Act protests in Boston

March 22, 2019 By NCC Staff

It was on this day in 1765 that the British Parliament signed the Stamp Act, a move that lit the fuse for a revolution in the American colonies that burned for a decade.

Packing the Supreme Court explained

March 20, 2019 By Scott Bomboy

Senator Marco Rubio plans to propose a new constitutional amendment to permanently limit the Supreme Court to nine Justices. While Rubio faces a difficult task, the effort does raise some questions.

Thomas McKean: A Founding Father with a double life

March 19, 2019 By Scott Bomboy

Thomas McKean was a President before George Washington and supported judicial review before John Marshall. But today, McKean is mostly forgotten in the discussion about Founders who had a significant impact on the Constitution and the early Supreme Court.

Supreme Court accepts four cases for its next term

March 18, 2019 By Scott Bomboy

On Monday, the Supreme Court said it will hear arguments in four new cases after October 2019, including an appeal about the sentence of D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo and an immigration-related identify fraud dispute in Kansas.

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