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7 reasons to discover ElectNext before next November

November 9, 2011 by NCC Staff


It’s morning-after for American voters. Today millions of voters may feel slightly hung over, wondering who exactly they voted for on Tuesday and whether the candidates they elected truly represent their views.

Election Day (Photo by Chris Hartman via Wikimedia Commons)

Sorting through the deluge of position papers, news stories and campaign commercials in order to cast an informed ballot can seem like a monumental task. It doesn’t have to be: the National Constitution Center and ElectNext, a Philadelphia tech startup, are here to help.

ElectNext, described as eHarmony for voters, launched in beta just two months ago. By selecting issues that are important to you and answering questions about your views, the program matches voters with candidates compatible with their views.

The idea, say co-founders Keya Dannenbaum and Paul Jungwirth, is to help voters “vote well.”

Here are seven reasons to discover ElectNext:

1) Using it not only matches you with candidates who believe what you do, it gives voters a new sense of civic engagement.2) The platform was designed based on extensive user feedback to maximize ease of use.3) The ElectNext CEO, Keya Dannenbaum, was a featured speaker at the TEDxPhilly conference.4) Dannenbuam and Jungwirth, who met while in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, consulted with national political experts, including professors from Harvard, Princeton and Penn to create easy-to-follow questions.5) Using ElectNext will help you learn more about the issues that affect you.6) The candidates with whom you are most compatible may surprise you.7) By helping you discover where you stand and who truly represents your values, you never have to worry about being confused on a ballot again.

That final possibility is one big reason the National Constitution Center has partnered with ElectNext and will be working with them to provide nonpartisan content and expertise on current election issues rooted in the Constitution.

To discover ElectNext and find the candidates with whom you are most compatible, click here.


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