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10 fun facts about the Constitution and Constitution Day

September 16, 2012 by NCC Staff


Are you ready to celebrate the Constitution’s 225th birthday on September 17? Here are 10 key numbers you should know—in an easy-to-print graphic!


Yes, our Constitution is celebrating the big 2-2-5 next Monday, and as a public service, Constitution Daily has produced an infographic you can print out and post anywhere you’d like.


Just click on the following link to get the graphic as a PDF file, which will let you print it on 8 ½ x 11 paper.


Get the infographic:  /images/uploads/blog/constitutiondayfactsheet.pdf

And here are the 10 numbers from the graphic:


2004 – The year Constitution Day was established

2012 – The 225th anniversary of the Constitution

55 –  The numbers of delegates at the 1787 convention

39 – The number of delegates who signed the Constitution

3 – The delegates who didn’t sign and were dissenters

4,543 – The number of words in the Constitution, before amendments

11,000 – The number of amendments proposed in Congress over the years

27 – The number of amendments added since 1787

4 – the number of months the delegates met in Philadelphia

9 – number of states, out of 13, required to ratify the Constitution


If you want to learn more about Constitution Day, visit




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