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Why Roger Taney statues aren’t Confederate monuments

August 18, 2017 By Scott Bomboy

This week, two monuments to former Chief Justice Roger Taney were labeled by some press outlets as “Confederate statues.” Taney, while controversial, was never a member of that self-proclaimed republic.

The vote that led to the 19th amendment

August 18, 2017 By Scott Bomboy

On the 97th anniversary of the 19th Amendment's ratification, we look back at a young politician whose unexpected vote in the Tennessee state legislature gave all women the right to vote.

Podcast: Trump, Twitter and the First Amendment

August 17, 2017 By NCC Staff

Can President Trump block citizens from following his own Twitter feed?  Alex Abdo and Eugene Volokh join National Constitution Center president and CEO Jeffrey Rosen to discuss the First Amendment aspects of a pending legal case.

Sanctuary City lawsuits pile up as court dates loom

August 17, 2017 By NCC Staff

With California and the city of San Francisco join Chicago in legal fights with the Justice Department over their sanctuary city policies, a showdown in court seems likely in the near future.

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