Paid Positions

Admissions Associate Floating Supervisor

The Admissions Associate Floating Supervisor is trained to perform many of the tasks that the full-time Admissions Supervisor(s) have responsibility for. These tasks include, but are not limited to, opening and closing procedures and general supervision of the admissions staff. Floating Supervisor is responsible for all cash-handling at the Box Office when performing the supervisor role.

Experience Guide

The Experience Guide engages every visitor with education and entertainment to facilitate a passion and interest in the Center’s exhibitions and programs. Guide presents programs and activities for school groups and the general public on a daily basis that are welcoming and entertaining. Guide engages visitors in thematically rich experiences while delivering entertaining content and superior customer service to ensure an exceptional visitor experience. In addition, the Guide serves as a member of the Center’s Promotions Team, with a primary responsibility to actively and enthusiastically engage potential guests outside the Center. The main priority of the Promotions Team is to promote and advertise the Center by utilizing various marketing strategies throughout the city and at outside events sponsored by the Center and in the community.

Group Sales Account Executive

The Group Sales Account Executive is responsible for selling museum offerings that include, but are not limited to, group tickets, themed museum packages, and tours to an extensive list of targeted group customer segments. In addition, the Account Executive is responsible for other duties including, but not limited to, meeting quarterly and yearly visitation sales goals, cold calling prospective customers, upselling all museum offerings, attending tradeshows, following up on tradeshow leads, coordinating group schedules with Museum Programs Department, researching new group outlets, selling the Traveling History and Civics program, and managing the museum’s Young Citizens Scholarship Program. Account Executive plays a crucial role in the development, expansion, and maintenance of the Center’s group sales database while providing excellent customer service at all times.


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