Countdown to Constitution Day

On September 17, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed by thirty-nine brave men who changed the course of history. Now Constitution Day is a time for us to continue their legacy and develop habits of citizenship in a new generation of Americans.

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Download the Constitution Day 2014: Bill of Rights Transcript.

Live Blog Constitution Day 2014: The Bill of Rights

Download the Constitution Day 2014: Bill of Rights Student Guide.

Constitution Hall Pass: The Bill of Rights, with Live Blog!

Available online beginning September 10, 2014
Chat live with National Constitution Center Staff September 10 – September 23, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m EDT

This Constitution Week, the museum will premiere its next installment of Constitution Hall Pass, the museum’s free, web-based video series with live web-chat for schools and classrooms across the country. This engaging and interactive lesson is hosted by the museum’s education staff and scholars and is broadcast nationally via Channel One. Give your students a “hall pass” to travel through American history—without leaving the classroom! Constitution Hall Pass video lessons and live chats are a hit with millions of students and teachers nationwide. Our brand-new episode, “Constitution Day 2014: The Bill of Rights,” provides a behind-the-scenes look at how these 10 amendments were created and interpreted.

  • DISCOVER the roots of the Bill of Rights in the Revolutionary War and the state constitutions
  • VISIT the Constitutional Convention to listen in on the debates about a bill of rights
  • HEAR the voices of the ratifying conventions as they influenced James Madison’s work in writing the Bill of Rights
  • LEARN what the Bill of Rights actually says—and how long it’s taken to make those rights a reality
  • EXPLORE the process of judicial review and the ways citizens use the courts to bring the Bill of Rights to life

Facebook’s “Who Am I” series

Following us on Facebook? We are counting down to Constitution Day starting May 25 (the date the Constitutional Convention began) with a special ‘Who Am I’ series, highlighting some of the famous and some of the lesser-known Founding Fathers. Then, impress your friends with your newly discovered fun facts!

Naturalization Test

Can you pass the test to become a United States citizen?

Which Founder Are You?

Discover your inner founding father in this fun interactive game.

Admission to the museum is FREE on Constitution Day courtesy of the PNC Foundation.

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Pocket Constitution
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