Watch this two-and-a-half-minute video of highlights from The Exchange.

The Exchange is the National Constitution Center’s nationwide conversation series on current constitutional issues. The Exchange is a public forum in which high school students discover the power of their voices as citizens. It encourages students to apply constitutional values to the most pressing and often divisive issues of the day as they seek common ground. In addition to a live nationwide webcast with high school students from around the country, The Exchange includes a free classroom poster, which contains a lesson designed to promote classroom deliberation.

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to participate in The Exchange. Our superintendent called the Ohio School Board Association and had them watch from Columbus!

Henry T. Stobbs, Mohawk High School, OH

The Exchange shows students how to “do” democracy by deliberating with their peers around the country. It compels them to understand the law, know the facts about the issue being deliberated and to understand, though not necessarily agree with, the perspectives and points of view of others.

For additional information about participating in the program, please contact Education Manager Kathryn Venzor at education@constitutioncenter.org.