Expert Sources

The National Constitution Center can connect members of the media with sources with expertise on the Constitution, constitutional law, American history, politics, civic engagement and education, and other topics.

To contact an expert source,  please contact Jenny Parker McCloskey at 215-409-6616 or [email protected]

Richard R. Beeman
American Revolution
Constitutional Convention
Founding Fathers
Separation of Church and State
Bill of Rights

Lyle Denniston
Supreme Court
Constitutional Law

Judith Giesberg
Civil War History
Women’s History
Gender and Sexuality Studies

Eugene Hickok
The Presidency and the Constitution
Congress and the Constitution
The Judiciary and the Constitution
Education Policy and Politics

J. Michael Hogan
Political Campaign Rhetoric and Speeches
Campaign Advertising
Presidential Debates
Media Coverage of Campaigns
Rhetoric of Social Movements
Foreign Policy Debates
Public Opinion and Polling

Matthew R. Kerbel
Blogging and Social Media in Politics
Political Participation
Political Journalism
Political Parties
Electoral Politics

Gordon Lloyd
Public Policy

Linda R. Monk
Constitutional History
Bill of Rights
14th Amendment Rights of Due Process and Equal Protection
Second Amendment

Christopher Phillips
Deliberative Democratic Traditions
Socratic Method
Civil and Civic Discourse
​Dialogue Traditions in Early America

Matthew Pinsker
Abraham Lincoln
Civil War
Presidential War Powers
Campaigns and Elections History
Voting History
Campaign Finance History
Civil Rights/Civil Liberties History

Jack Rakove
Adoption of the Constitution
Original Meaning of the Constitution
James Madison

Marjorie Osterlund Rendell
Rule of Law
Court System
Separation of Powers

Kermit Roosevelt
Constitutional Law

Jeffrey Rosen
Constitutional Law
Constitution in the 21st Century
Technology and the Constitution
Supreme Court

Paul C. Rosier
Native American History
Global and American Environmental History
Global Environmental Justice Movements
History of American Capitalism
World History
20th-Century American History

Geoffrey R. Stone
Constitutional Law
Supreme Court

Laurence H. Tribe
Federal Constitutional Law
Individual Rights
Separation of Powers
Constitutional Interpretation
Supreme Court Adjudication

Ralph Young
Dissent in the U.S. from Colonial Times to the Present

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