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This live, theatrical performance introduces controversial constitutional issues to students and encourages them to explore their points of view on timely issues.

Three actors present current issues in a dynamic and interactive way. Incorporating video, contemporary music, and current news broadcasts, Living News energizes students by including them in the discussion throughout the performance. The result will evoke passion and dialogue among your students.

Located in the Bank of America Theater, Living News enables students, families, and educators to explore current, controversial topics in an open forum setting and explores topics such as:

  • Freedom of speech and religion — First Amendment
  • Gun Control — Second Amendment
  • Search and Seizure — Fourth Amendment
  • Capital Punishment — Eighth Amendment
  • Other court cases and current events that are relevant to students, including New Jersey v. TLO

Please note: Given the nature of the production, topics are changed regularly to ensure the most up-to-date experience.

Living News is fast-paced, up-close and live. The theater only seats 55, so it brings the action right up to the audience. Throughout the play, actors talk directly to the audience and, at times, involve them in the action. This is all intentional—we want an event that encourages the audience to be participants in the story.

It also means that the actors, and other audience members, are aware of everything that happens—from cell phones and text messages (which we know will never be an issue!) to comments. We hope everyone will respect the event and those around them. We want the play to provoke response, and hope audiences will listen, be moved, and even laugh. We’ve planned time afterward to offer everyone a chance to offer their opinions, ask questions and share their thoughts.

Following the performance, the audience is invited to discuss these issues during a Town Hall session. Students are guided by a National Constitution Center educator in an open dialogue about the constitutional issues facing them and the country today and encouraged to explore their thoughts with their classmates and the actors from Living News.*

*Discussion of current events, debating issues, and simulations are all proven practices of civic learning from “Guardian of Democracy: The Civic Mission of Schools” report, 2003

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Actors in the Living News theater performance

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