Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Legacy of Service

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Air Date: January 2015

Live Chat: January 14-16, 2015 and January 19, 2014, 7am-6pm EST

Runtime: 15:03

Civic Holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, African American History Month

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw himself as a servant of humanity, and he wanted his life to be remembered as a life of service to others. In this episode, we look at Dr. King's legacy of service. We'll explore how his use of nonviolence was not just a political tool, but a way to demonstrate service to others. Get ready to learn about some of the other activists who drew their inspiration from Dr. King. And we'll even learn about ways that you can serve your community. Join us as we honor the memory of this great American by talking about service!

Discussion Questions

Before You Watch
  1. What do you think service has to do with citizenship?
  2. What, to you, is the most important part of Dr. King's legacy? How do you think he would want to be remembered?
  3. Can you name any people who were inspired by Dr. King? In what ways were they inspired by him?
  4. Do you participate in acts of service? Does your family?
After You Watch
  1. Why is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a National Day of Service? How did it become one?
  2. Can you name some of the important influences on Dr. King's life?
  3. Can you name some of the important themes from the "I Have a Dream" speech? Do you see or hear about those themes in other places in American history?
  4. Can you name some ways that you can get involved in acts of service?
  5. Can you and your class name some common features of the people who were inspired by Dr. King?

Lesson Plans

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