Election Day

Election Day

November 8, 2016

Do-Now Discussion

Create your own stump speech: Write a six-word sentence that you would use if you were campaigning to be president and that expresses your views on the issues.


Headed to the White House Exhibition
Headed to the White House is the only exhibit of its kind, uniquely created to engage students, teachers and families with the election season.  Using the U.S. Constitution as its launch pad, this hands-on exhibit takes visitors from the campaign trail to Inauguration Day all in one visit.

Daily Programs
To complement the Headed to the White House experience, the National Constitution Center will offer a wide variety of museum visitor programming

•    Gallery Talks: Upon entering the Headed to the White House exhibit,  visitors will be met by a member of the center’s education staff, who will present a brief introduction that encourages visitors to consider key questions and themes highlighted through the exhibition’s artifacts and displays.  
•    270 or Bust: In this quiz-show style game, visitors will assume the role of presidential candidates or campaigns and attempt to earn the required 270 electoral votes to be elected!  But, instead of earning the votes though campaigning, they will have to answer questions about various states and the Electoral College, itself!  The first visitor or team to reach 270 wins!!
•    Election Experience Introduction: This program will serve as an introduction to the “Election Experience” at the center.  The presentation guides visitors through the elections season as a whole, and showcases the exhibits and programs available at the museum.
•    Constitution 101—The Presidency: So, what does the Constitution actually say about the presidency?  At this interactive program, NCC staffers will go explore Article II and the duties and requirements of the executive office.     
•    Exhibition Guide: The exhibition guide will enrich student visits by highlighting key artifacts and essential themes, guiding students as they learn about the development of the presidential selection process.   

School Programs
•    Themed Package: The Presidency (Grades 4-12)
Students will learn about presidential elections and campaign platforms and watch some of the most famous campaign ads of all time. This package includes a presidential workshop examining primary sources and the dynamic Destination White House show.
•    Exhibit Tours: The Center will offer guided tours of Headed to the White House for interested groups.  The tour will take the form of a walkthrough of the election process, beginning with a candidate’s decision to run for office and proceeding through the process of primaries and caucuses, nominating conventions, debates, and the general election.  Along the way, the tour guide will demonstrate his or her points by using relevant historical examples highlighted within the exhibition space.

Educator Events
•    Educator Open House
Educators will get the chance to view before it opens to the public and enjoy exclusive tours, previews of the National Constitution Center’s educational programs, and light refreshments. Teachers can also learn about educational resources from a variety of the museum’s partners at an information fair on the Grand Hall Overlook. Act 48 credit will be available for certain programs.
•    Educator Days
On select weekends throughout the run of the Headed to the White House exhibition educators will be invited to visit the new exhibit with their families at discounted, rate.  The days will include special tours, and teachers will be provided information about all of the National Constitution Center’s resources.

Civic Holidays
•    Women’s History Month; Women in the White House
March 2016
In conjunction with the Headed to the White House Exhibition, the Center’s Women’s History Month programming will feature a program highlighting the nation’s First Ladies. Particularly, attention will be paid to First Ladies and women in executive offices who played roles in shaping the administrations of various presidents.  Some examples includes:  Martha Washington, Dolley Madison, Sarah Polk, Edith Wilson, Frances Perkins, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ladybird Johnson, and/or Madeline Albright.
•    Spring Break
March 23-29, 2016
It’s a Presidential Party this Spring Break at the National Constitution Center!  Head to the museum and learn all about our country’s commanders in chief!
•    Independence Week: Founding Fathers, First Presidents
June 30-July 4, 2016
Take a closer look at the lives of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and others—men who not only helped to  found our country, but who would be the first to serve it in the office of the presidency. 
•    Constitution Day
September 16 and 17, 2016
This Constitution Day we will take a closer look at Article II of the Constitution and learn more about the creation of the American Presidency, and the Electoral Process. 
•    Election Day
November 8, 2016
Commemorate elections past and present at the National Constitution Center! 


Traveling History and Civic Program:
•    The Presidency
Package show where students learn about presidential elections and campaign platforms and watch some of the most famous campaign ads of all time.

•    Constitution Hall Pass:  The Presidency
Interactive video traces the history of the American presidency. Constitutional experts and the Center’s education staff explore why it was important for our young nation to have an executive branch, and why nevertheless some people were worried about giving it too much power.

Lesson Plans:
•    Address America: Your Six-Word Stump Speech
Lesson plan where students investigate national election stump speeches and then create their own. Students identify and analyze the elements of a stump speech by reading excerpts of 2000 – 2008 national election speeches.
•    Investigating the Departments of the Executive Branch
In this lesson, students learn about the role of bureaucracy in U.S. government; they then examine the history, leadership, organization, and goals of executive agencies.
•    Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War
In this lesson, students will analyze the political and constitutional issues that faced President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.

•    Lincoln’s Crossroads
Online game invites students to learn about Lincoln’s leadership by exploring the political choices he made. An animated Lincoln introduces a situation, asks for advice and prompts players to decide the issue for themselves, before learning the actual outcome. At the end of the game, players discover how frequently they predicted Lincoln’s actions.
•    Executive Command Game
Online game offered through icivics where a student can be president and try to accomplish what they set as their agenda while facing the challenges and responsibilities that crop up along the way.
•    Lincoln Hats
Craft activity where students make their own version of our 16th president’ signature top hat.
•    Model White House
Craft activity where students create a mini model of the home of the nation's president.
•    President Masks
Craft activity where students can discover their alter ego as President Abraham Lincoln or George Washington as they decorate their own presidential mask.

Interactive Constitution
•    Amendments 12

•    Interactive Constitution—Amendment 15

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