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US Citizen Looks To Supreme Court For Vindication
By Nina Totenberg (2008 guest speaker), March 2, 2011
On Feb. 14, plaintiff Abdullah al-Kidd, right, and his attorney Lee Gelernt, discuss a Supreme Court lawsuit against former Attorney…

High Court Rules For Anti-Gay Protesters At Funerals
By Nina Totenberg (2008 guest speaker), March 2, 2011
When Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder was killed in Iraq…

Parliament to the Rescue
Foreign Policy
By Bruce Ackerman (2010 guest speaker), March 1, 2011
Egypt's military has begun to commandeer its revolution. Its handpicked commission of legal experts has come up with ...

Supreme Court Rules Corporations Don't Have Privacy Under FOIA
By Daniel Fisher (2010 Fellow), March 1, 2011
In a decision that should reassure critics who think the current Supreme Court values the rights of corporations more than citizens, the court ruled 8-0 that the term "personal privacy" in the Freedom of Information Act doesn't refer to ...

US Defends DOMA Despite Dropping Support
By Nina Totenberg (2008 guest speaker), March 1, 2011
The Obama administration says it will continue to deny health care benefits to the same-sex legal spouse of a federal court employee ...

Fighting Piracy At Sea And In Court
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow), February 26, 2011
Until four Americans died this week after they were ... Nikolas Gvosdev, who teaches at the U.S. Naval War College, told NPR's Talk of…

Both sides abuse system, but governor is firing up opposition
Arizona Republic
By Jonathan Alter (2009 guest speaker), February 26, 2011
Whatever the outcome…

Obama's DOMA shift: Why public embrace of gay marriage – and gays – is now certain
Christian Science Monitor
By Kermit Roosevelt (2007 faculty), February 25, 2011

Democratic Apathy Gets a Gift From Wisconsin
By Jonathan Alter (2009 guest speaker), February 24, 2011
Whatever the outcome, the political earthquake in Wisconsin is exposing fissures in American politics that ...

Where the Money Is
By Richard Stengel (Advisory Board Member), February 24, 2011
We're entering a new era of austerity. From Wisconsin to Washington, DC, politicians and thought leaders are ...

Supreme Court: Mazda Can Be Sued for Lack of Backseat Belts in Vans
ABC News
By Ariane de Vogue (2011 Fellow), February 23, 2011
The Supreme Court ruled today that a lawsuit against Mazda Motor of America charging that the car manufacturer should ...

Third Federal Judge Upholds Health Care Law; Score Now 3-2
The Note By
By Ariane De Vogue (2011 Fellow), February 22, 2011
In a victory for the Obama administration, a federal judge tonight has upheld the constitutionality of the Obama administration's health care law.

Five Years Later, Justice Thomas Still Silent
by Nina Totenberg (2008 guest speaker), February 22, 2011
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has passed a unique anniversary. As of Tuesday, it has been five years since he asked a question at ...

Constitutional Questions Arise In Chemicals Case
By Nina Totenberg (2008 guest speaker), February 21, 2011
The facts in the Bond case would make a great "Law and Order" episode. In 2005, Bond was a 34-year-old Philadelphia suburbanite, ...

A Warlord's Last Chance
Foreign Policy
By Johnny Dwyer (2009 Fellow), February 21, 2011
In the late 1980s, the Liberian warlord-turned-president used the killing of his mentor, Gen…

Worldview: Its mojo back, Egypt poised to lead region to democracy
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Trudy Rubin (2010 Fellow), February 20, 2011
CAIRO - While rebellions are erupting all over the Middle East, it is the continuing Egyptian revolution that will determine which direction ...

Indonesia And Obama's Personal Path To Democracy
By Ari Shapiro (2007 Fellow), February 20, 2011
As democracy protests spread across Egypt, Bahrain and other Middle Eastern and African countries…

Business Forum: Deadbeat companies need Obama wakeup call
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
By Jonathan Alter (2009 guest speaker), February 19, 2011
We all know that small business is the engine of the US economy. It accounted for almost two-thirds of all jobs created in the past decade…

Somali Pirates Seize 4 Americans
ABC News
By Luis Martinez, Dana Hughes and Steven Portnoy (2008 Fellow), February 19, 2011
US officials confirm that a ... US officials confirm to ABC News that the yacht has been seized by pirates…

(Original for PJP blog)
By Vic Walczak (2010 faculty/2011guest speaker), February 18, 2011

Worldview: Two reasons reforms in Egypt just might succeed
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Trudy Rubin. (2010 Fellow), February 17, 2011
Trudy Rubin interviews top experts on terrorism. ...

Broadside: Reporters and risk
By Florence Graves (2010 Fellow), February 16, 2011
Founding director of Brandeis University's Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism joins Jim Braude on Broadside to discuss Logan's ...

Judicial Politics
Rasmussen Reports
By Susan Estrich (2007 faculty), February 16, 2011

Judgeships Mired in Judicial Politics
By Susan Estrich (2009 faculty), February 16, 2011
There is a crisis in America's federal courts that has absolutely nothing to do with politics, although that is its cause.

WikiLeaks Supporters Fight Request For Twitter Data
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow), February 15, 2011
A new front opened on Tuesday in the Justice Department's investigation of the website WikiLeaks…